We know you’ve been waiting a long time to get your teeth fixed and have that beautiful smile! Don’t think twice about it. Come see us! We’ll help you get the smile you deserve!

This is how we can help…

We know cost is always a factor when deciding to get Orthodontic treatment as an adult. Whether you have insurance or not, we offer several different payment options that make treatment attainable. We are here to help you and make it possible.

The length of treatment for adults depends on the complexity of your case! We work hand-in-hand, as needed, with your dentist or other Specialists to design your treatment accordingly. In certain cases, we may need to partner up with local Prosthodontists, Periodontists or any other specialist to get your teeth healthy and beautiful. We will let you know if that is the case.

Periodontal (gum) disease is more prevalent in adults. While you are wearing the orthodontic appliances, gentle forces will be applied to your teeth so they can move through their surrounding bone. Periodontal health plays a key role in all of this. If the gum tissues are not healthy during orthodontics, bone loss can result and weaken the long-term prognosis of your teeth. To maintain your periodontal health, you will need to make sure to have regular professional cleanings during your treatment while maintaining good oral hygiene at home.

This will resolve barriers you may have regarding cost, pain and any unknown outcomes. We provide different treatment options to our patients depending on your prognosis. We offer traditional and ceramic braces as well as clear aligners, i.e. Invisalign, Clear Correct, and Sure Smile. Once you come in for your complimentary consultation, we are able to offer you a specific treatment plan that will give you the best outcome.

Which treatment is right for you?

Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners are a series of removable, clear plastic trays that gradually straighten teeth as they’re worn (for 22 hours per day). Formerly recommended only for adult patients, they now come with special features — like compliance indicators to tell how often you’ve been wearing them. The advantage: they’re practically invisible! Invisalign and Clear Correct are examples of these type of technology.

Clear Braces

Clear ceramic braces are a variation on the traditional system that provides a far less noticeable method of treatment. They use the same components as traditional braces — except that the brackets on the front side of the teeth are made of a translucent ceramic material that blends in with the tooth’s natural color. This system has become a favorite for adults (including some well-known celebrities) because, unless you look closely, it’s hard to notice they’re there.

Several types of ceramic braces are currently available, and the technology is constantly improving. Their aesthetic appeal is undeniable… but there are a few tradeoffs. The ceramic brackets can be less durable than their metal counterparts, ceramic braces also cost more than metal — but for many people, the benefit of having an inconspicuous appliance outweighs the costs.

We also offer different the self ligating braces that provide less friction during the tooth movement resulting in a more efficient treatment with gentle forces. Damon Braces and InOvation Braces are two examples of self-ligating braces made in metal and clear, porcelain as well.

Metal Braces

Metal Braces need no introduction. They are made of high-grade stainless steel and remain by far the most common type of fixed orthodontic appliances offering a reliable, effective and economical treatment option. But you might be surprised to find they’re smaller and lighter than ever. If you want a less traditional look, you may be able to choose colorful elastics for the brackets.

Time is not of the essence when it comes to the health of your teeth and the results you desire. The length of treatment is normally 18-24 months, sometimes shorter. If you need multidisciplinary action, the length of treatment may be extended. With our treatment plan, we guarantee a lifetime to enjoy your beautiful smile!