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Our clinical team consists of certified Orthodontic Assistants providing the best possible Orthodontic treatment and care. Our entire team is amazing and we truly love what we do! Our job is to make sure you have an incredible experience! To make our services affordable we offer different payment options to fit your needs. Dr. Cardenas is skilled and available to answer your questions and to give you the best service at all times. We make sure we have the best technology available with braces or aligners such as Invisalign. Our outcome is your beautiful smile!!


We are glad you have chosen us for your orthodontic care.

We are glad you have chosen us for your orthodontic care.

Imagine losing of breaking your retainers. That panic and fear that goes through your mind, the thought of your beautiful teeth getting crooked again…. or having to pay for them again?

Well now you don’t have to because Embrace Orthodontics has designed is a program just for you! We don’t want you to lose the smile you’ve worked so hard for or have to pay for anything more than what you already have.

This program is open to any new, current and previous patients. All you have to do is give us a call at

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