Finding a good orthodontist is an important and often intimidating process. From experienced practitioners to young professionals, there are a lot of factors to consider when deciding who you should trust with your dental needs. To ensure that you are getting the quality care you deserve, here are some tips on how to know if your orthodontist is good.

1. Check experience and credentials

First and foremost, look for experience and credentials. An experienced orthodontist will have years of training and clinical practice behind them. A great place to start your search is the American Association of Orthodontists website, which provides current listings for qualified practitioners in your area. Additionally, make sure that any orthodontist you’re considering has passed all relevant board exams and has up-to-date certifications from their respective boards. This will give you peace of mind that they truly understand orthodontic procedures and treatments.

2. Research their office

The next step is to do some research into the particular practice or office where the orthodontist works. Find out what type of technology they use, what types of payment methods they accept, and their overall patient satisfaction rating. It’s also important to check reviews from other patients who have had work done by the same office or practitioner. This will help provide insight into what services they offer as well as their customer service abilities.

3. Consider your needs

It’s just as important to assess whether the office you’re considering visiting feels like a comfortable environment for both yourself and your family members who may be accompanying you for visits. Consider any specific needs that would make an appointment easier, for example, does the office offer extended hours? Is it wheelchair accessible? Do they have onsite parking? Is the staff courteous and welcoming? All these factors can play a large role in making sure you feel at ease when visiting this professional for care.

4. Inquire about financing options

Finally, don’t forget to ask about financing options if necessary! Many offices offer flexible payment plans so that everyone can get the care they need without breaking their budget in one fell swoop. Additionally, many insurance companies cover part or all of the orthodontic treatments so it’s worth asking about coverage too before making any commitments with a particular provider or office space.

By taking these steps into consideration prior to booking your appointment with an orthodontist, you should be able to get an idea of whether they would be a good fit for both your and your family’s needs when it comes time for treatment! With careful research and planning beforehand, finding a good orthodontist should be easy!


Choosing the right orthodontist is an important decision and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Only by doing your research, asking the right questions, and listening to feedback from other patients can you ensure that you pick a good one who will give you a great experience. At Embrace Orthodontics, we strive to provide our patients with the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction by offering state-of-the-art technologies and treatments in a comfortable environment. We invite you to book an appointment today so that we can evaluate your case and provide you with the best possible solution for your individual needs. With years of experience in the field, our team of highly knowledgeable professionals guarantees top-notch results every time!