If you are considering orthodontic treatment to get your teeth straightened, but wearing the metal braces is a big no for you, we have the perfect solution. With clear braces, you can get a set of perfectly aligned, beautiful teeth in the same way as conventional braces, without affecting your smile and facial esthetics. 

What are Clear Braces?

This braces have the same shape and design as conventional metal braces. The only difference is that they are made from tooth-colored materials, which makes them virtually invisible when worn. 

How do Clear Braces Work?

Like traditional braces, your orthodontist will adjust the tension in the archwire to move the teeth in the desired direction. As treatment progresses, your dentist will use different types of archwires to perform the desired tooth movements. 

What are the Pros and Cons of Clear Braces?

Clear Braces Pros

This braces offer several benefits over traditional metal braces:

  • Improved Self-confidence – with this braces being virtually invisible, you can smile and speak confidently without having to worry about showing your braces. 
  • Extensive Treatment Range – like metal braces, clear braces can be used for treating even the most complex and complicated orthodontic issues. 
  • Quick Results – if you need rapid results, there are clear braces systems available that can give results in just six months. These types of braces mainly focus on correcting the facial esthetics by fixing the alignment and angulation of the upper and lower front six teeth. 

Clear Braces Cons 

The only drawback of this braces is their relatively higher cost of treatment compared with conventional metal braces. But that is a small price to pay considering they don’t affect your smile and facial appearance during treatment. 

If you are looking for trouble-free orthodontic treatment option that will not affect your smile, This type of braces are an excellent option. So, book an appointment with your dentist today and begin your journey towards and healthy, lasting, and beautiful smile. 


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